Welcome to Vahura's COVID-19 Helpline Page

for Legal Professionals

In these uncertain times when the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted jobs globally, we at Vahura are happy to help you navigate your career.


This is a stressful time, especially for someone who has lost their job, faces pay cuts or redundancy. The hard truth is that jobs will be difficult to come by in this period. The waiting time between jobs is likely to increase.

What does this mean for you, and how can we help?

As a legal search firm*, our responsibility is to help our clients find the best person for a particular role. Through this helpline, we will ensure that your profile comes to the attention of our recruitment teams. 

To begin, we have made a form available below by which you can help our recruiters know that you are available to join immediately for a position that matches your skill sets. The details of this form will be kept only by Vahura and our affiliate - Counselect - which specialises in project-based and Flexi-work options. 

But that may not be enough. This helpline is an effort to broaden the options (project work, work from home, other assignments) available to you, while you apply for and get your next job. We are also here to have a conversation and counsel you on your resume and help with your job strategy.

This helpline is for:
1. Professionals who have lost their job
2. Professionals who have suffered a pay cut
3. Professionals whose roles are becoming redundant

We hope you find the resources below useful. Please email us at covid19@vahura.com know if you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can improve this initiative.



Team Vahura

How we can help you:

Available to join Immediately

Let recruiters know you are available for job opportunities on short notice

Need Help in Reviewing your Resume

You can schedule a call with our recruiters to review your resume and help you with your job strategy.

COVID-19 Career Advice
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