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Introduction to ODR and


Akshita Ashok and Pranjal Sinha, Co-founders of SAMA take us through the potential opportunities in the field of online dispute resolution.


Career Limbo

Dear HBR answers questions on career with the help of NYU Stern professor Scott Galloway.

What does it mean to be agile in your life? 


What Does that mean to you in your Personal and Professional life? 

Common Mistakes to Avoid After Being Laid Off

To start on the path to career recovery take your next steps based on rational thought.




Emotional Intelligence with Daniel Goleman

Daniel Goleman offers stimulating ideas you can use in your current situation.

Bouncing Back from

Job Loss

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Job Hunters

Guidelines for a successful video conferencing interview

Guidelines to ensure that your video conferencing interview is successful

Job Loss and

Unemployment Stress

While the stress of losing a job can be overwhelming there are many things one can do to take charge of the situation, maintain spirits and find a renewed sense of purpose. 

Mindfulness and Meditation- Covid-19 by Kristin Lothman

Kristin Lothman provides a meditation example for coping with anxiety relating to COVID-19.

How to tide over pay cuts and layoffs amid covid-19

You need to play smart to tide over the situation of salary cuts or job lose with minimum pain. 

How to Answer Interview Questions About Being Laid-Off

If you are job searching after a layoff, take heart in the fact that your situation is far from rare...

Reinventing yourself

after a job loss

A career reinvention starts with working on your self-image and how well you can project it. 

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