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Career Recommendations

Want To Land A Job In 2021? Here's What You Should Be Doing

Ensure a strong start in your job search during January and February - two of the best months for getting hired.

5 Tips For Onboarding A New Remote Team Member

This article explains how to create an effective onboarding experience that addresses the informational and emotional needs of remote tech employees. 

Introduction to ODR

and SAMA

Akshita Ashok and Pranjal Sinha, Co-founders of SAMA take us through the potential opportunities in the field of online dispute resolution.

How To Start A New Job Remotely During Coronavirus ? Here's What You Need To Know To Succeed


Here are seven tips to help you navigate starting a new job remotely.

17 Post-Corona Growth Opportunities For Young Lawyers

This article enlists a few areas young lawyers may find space to flourish.

Mental Well-Being

Worried That You Might Be In A Dying Industry?

Disruptions to business sectors do not happen overnight. One can take steps to protect his/her career trajectory with considerable foresight.

How To Manage Performance Remotely

Here are some key takeaways on how to make remote working more productive and engaging with technology.

Prevalence Of Depression while Working From Home

Depression at work is skyrocketing, but it doesn't have to be your new normal — Here's how to cope

Companies In India Are Helping Employees Deal With Stress And Anxiety

Many companies have introduced 'Mental Health Leaves" while the rest are working towards reducing the pressure on employees.

Employee Motivation : An Organization's Road to Success

Employee motivation has become one of the top priorities for most businesses. It is just to say that an organization's road to success would require employee satisfaction, unity and resilience in order to move forward.

It's Okay To Put Your Dream Job On Hold

Don't give up on your career dreams. Evaluate your goals and reset your expectations.

3 Ways To Motivate Your Team Through An Extended Crisis

Using a well-established theory of motivation, this article identifies three main psychological needs that leaders can meet to help their employees stay engaged, confident and motivated.

Industry Watch

Top Skills Employers Will Be Looking For In 2021

Given the current Industry trends there are requirements of professionals with skills beyond the core ones.

Hiring Activities Improve in Metro Cities, Says Report

In an indication of improving hiring activities in the metro cities, job posting rose over 5% in comparison to previous months. 





Why The Traits Of Female Leadership Are Better Geared For Global Pandemic

The evidence shared in this research makes a compelling reason for all leaders to learn from female leaders' traits in handling complex issues.

Government Takes Control Of Digital Media Platforms : Netflix and Amazon Prime Video To Be Censored?

The Government of India has issued an order bringing all digital media platforms and OTT Platforms to be under Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. 

How To Be Brave ( And Other Career Advice) In Uncertain Times

Leena Nair, (CHRO) at Unilever advises fresh graduates and early career professionals how to navigate the current job market.

Public Policy As A Career Choice Has A Growing Demand

There is a growing demand for public policy as a career choice for the current generation keeping in mind the trend of implementation of changes within the system. 

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