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Internships During Corona Times

. An internship could be harnessed to keep one’s career moving forward. This article will take you through the advantages for taking up internships during this period. 

Mindful- A Meditation Series

This guided meditation series will help you process feelings of powerlessness and show you just how much you can actually do and create in this time.

8 Ways Managers Can Support Employees' Mental Health

As much we would like to return to the way things were, we won't. So let's use this opportunity to create a healthy workplace culture which should have existed all along. 

It's Okay To Put Your Dream Job On Hold

Don't give up on your career dreams. Evaluate your goals and reset your expectations.

Reinventing yourself

after a Job Loss

A career reinvention starts with working on your self-image and how well you can project it. 

Introduction to ODR and


Akshita Ashok and Pranjal Sinha, Co-founders of SAMA take us through the potential opportunities in the field of online dispute resolution.


Career Limbo

Dear HBR answers questions on career with the help of NYU Stern professor Scott Galloway.

The Evolving Role of In-house Counsel in the Current Situation

, The need for the development of law tech solutions and their adoption by in-house teams have become business-critical as businesses and access to justice now move online.

How To Be Brave ( And Other Career Advice) In Uncertain Times

Leena Nair, (CHRO) at Unilever advises fresh graduates and early career professionals how to navigate the current job market.

Emotional Intelligence with Daniel Goleman

Daniel Goleman offers stimulating ideas you can use in your current situation.

Bouncing Back from

Losing your Job

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Job Hunters

Will the Pandemic Reshape the Notions of Female Leadership?

Tales of strong female leaders succeeding through this crisis could lead to a change in the overarching narrative of what a strong leader looks like.

How To Manage Performance Remotely

Here are some key takeaways on how to make remote working more productive and engaging with technology.

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